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717 Medical Office Building on the campus of the Methodist Women’s Hospital

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Making the Most Out of Menopause There are ways to survive the menopause transition and enjoy your life after 50.


The Importance of ME in Menopause Feeling better during menopause starts with putting yourself first.


After Menopause, Do You Really Still Need an Annual Exam? What every woman needs to know about maintaining good health after menopause.


5 Food Secrets to Surviving Menopause So... how about that morning cup of coffee? Learn what steps you need to take to help ease your menopause symptoms.


Live life fully throughout menopause.

Every stage of a women’s life has its own challenges and opportunities — and unique health concerns. If you are a woman who is approaching or has reached menopause, you will find specialized care for your changing health needs at the Methodist Women's Center Menopause Clinic.

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